Sunday, January 07, 2007

Product Review: Clean & Clear Invisible Acne Patch

The Claim

Clean & Clear Advantage Invisible Acne Patch has a breakthrough formula that treats and helps you more easily conceal breakouts at the same time. When you apply the liquid to a pimple, it will appear smoother and your makeup will go on more evenly. At the same time, the formula deposits maximum strength acne fighting medication to treat your pimple.

The instant pimple smoothing technology forms an invisible layer that features the film forming polymer Chitosan PCA. This polymer essentially "pulls up" the low points and "pushes down" the high points on skin to create a smoother surface. This smooth surface makes it easier to apply makeup. The Invisible Acne Patch also contains Salicylic Acid, an acne fighting ingredient that helps to unclog pores and prevent clogging by helping the skinĀ“s natural renewal process

The Observation

When I first heard of this product, I was overwhelmed with joyous optimism. Unfortunately, I am prone to cystic blemishes. Cystic blemishes are the kind that form a sore bump under the skin, and then a few days later, grow to double the size and open up. During the healing period, these blemishes remain open and wet, making it hard to conceal them with makeup. Not to mention that any makeup used to cover them up only exacerbates the blemish. Having said that, I was thrilled that Clean & Clear finally decided to make a product that would allow me to promote healing to the blemish, but aid in the concealing process.

The manufacturer instructs you to twist the base of the wand until the product dispenses through the tip, applying a thin layer evenly to pimple. My first efforts at this method of application failed, yielding too much product on the blemish. I finally decided to apply a small dot to my finger and dab directly onto the blemish.

The instructions say to allow the patch to dry and an invisible layer will smooth over the surface. Then apply makeup. I found that the product didn't take an unreasonable amount of time to dry, but on hurried mornings, it was like watching paint dry. And sometimes, I thought the product had dried, but when I went to apply my makeup, I smeared the patch. In addition, if I applied too much of the patch, the sides would begin to flake as soon as I tried to use concealer.

Finally mastering the first two steps, I applied my makeup. As long as I used a sparing amount of the product and allowed the patch to dry thoroughly, applying my concealer and makeup over the blemish was simple. It really did work like an invisible band-aid. And I was also pleased that the product contained medication to heal the blemish, while keeping out the oils from my makeup and face.

During the morning hours, I stole a quick glance at my face to make sure my blemish-fighting technology was living up to my expectations. Unfortunately, it was not. Surrounding the blemish was a ring of flaky product. A couple of times I tried to smooth the patch down and re-apply concealer or pressed powder, but it normally just made the patch look flakier. Most times, I would just end up pulling the patch off and applying concealer directly to the blemish.

The Bottom Line

The product is a tad more expensive than other acne products that feature the same concentration of medication, but no better value. This product might be useful for nighttime wear, as it will keep the product on your face and off your pillow, but it offers no new or more powerful ingredients than any other salicylic acid acne medication.

While the polymer in this product did a nice job of shrinking my blemish and making it less noticeable, and the medication was reliable, I was not pleased with its wearability. I gave this product more than its deserved allowance of second chances, and it has since been relocated from my makeup bag to the cosmetic and beauty product graveyard under my sink.