Monday, December 11, 2006

F. Seattle's Wish List

I'm one of those annoying people who ask for socks for Christmas because I need them. Or gift cards because I never know what I might need in the future. So making a fanciful wish list is a bit of a stretch for me!

So in the needs category: I am desperate for some new New Balance running shoes. And a far-fetched want: lululemon athletic pants.

This Canadian line has grown increasingly popular in the States because their clothes are made to last a long time (kind of justifies the pricier cost), and they look great on curvy girls. I love lifting weights, but a lot of athletic pants will ride down during lower body exercises. Nothing worse than worrying about your underwear showing while you're doing a heavy set of squats in the power cage! These pants feature a roll-down waistband for adjustable waist height (so you can keep your knickers covered), dry-wick fabric, and chafe-free flat seams.

Another need: cute rain boots. I have been obsessed with these antique print inspired boots for months, but the $200-plus price tag just doesn't do anything for me.

There's nothing like a fresh journal to inspire you to do more writing and dreaming in the new year.

And since I just moved offices (from one with no wall space to one with stark, ample walls), I need a new work-appropriate calendar. Which means I've got to leave the Orlando Bloom one at home,

and put up a more elegant, but fun calendar at work.

Who knows? Maybe this calendar will help me break my latte-a-day habit...