Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fashion Conundrum

One of our dear readers writes: "I recently bought a gorgeous matte-sequined gold skirt (knee-length, clingy but classy)...but I have no idea what to wear with it. I have a holiday party coming up this weekend and I'd love to wear my beautiful new skirt, but I need fast suggestions for a top! Please help!"

When I closed my eyes and tried to imagine your gold skirt, a few thoughts immediately came to mind. A gold skirt is an attention-getter, so a muted top would be a good idea. You said it was classy, so let's carry that through, as well. Finally, the skirt is clingy, so that will help us to have an idea of some balance for your outfit.

Gold is a versatile color, so you could go with a whole bunch of different colors. Let's take a look at something in basic black. Black and gold is a stunning, elegant combination. Something sleeveless, although pretty chilly for the winter, is also elegant. Besides, I've always found that you should wear a woolly coat outside, but wear something light inside - all those bodies make a room very warm. Or maybe you live in Florida, who knows. Anyway, this shirt at left, available at Target, is simple, but has some touches that really class it up. It includes a velvet trim and some ruffling, so it's not just your basic, boring black shirt. Slap a brooch on that shirt and you will take the shirt from "top that goes with skirt" to a part of a complete outfit.

You could also go with something long-sleeved with some decorations that will stand up to the gold skirt. By that I mean that it's not just some long-sleeved shirt, it's got some pizazz, too. It won't look out of place next to your skirt. This shirt does just that. It's a Liz Claiborne, and while it might not keep you toasty warm, it might be a better alternative to sleeveless if that's your deal. A nice, floaty fabric like this is also fitted but not clingy, so it should mesh well with the cut and lay of your skirt. If all else fails, a soft cashmere sweater in nearly any color of the rainbow is a nice compliment to almost any bottom, and I happen to know Old Navy has a sale on cashmere sweaters either very soon or now, so go check them out, if it suits your fancy.

I hope that helped you out! Enjoy your party, and have a glass of egg nog for me.