Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Down to earth glamor

Drew Barrymore is definitely one of my favorite actresses. She seems completely unfazed by fame. She's balanced and sensible--you won't catch this girl dancing around completely wasted and panty-less like other people we know!

Here she is in NYC: (pictures courtesy of Popsugar)

I love the whole autumn look she has going on. A friend of mine has recently been persuading me to wear more color. While black is certainly slimming, color can brighten your entire perspective. Drew pairs a simple pair of jeans and a brown coat with a funky scarf (that's going on my Christmas wishlist!) and a cool bag. Casual, yet definitely not boring!

She gets BIG bonus points for her well-done hair and her shades too. Well done Drew!

Who is your favorite down-to-earth actress?