Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Choosing a signature look

As fun and creative as fashion is, from time to time, I think we all fall into a uniform of some sort for a variety of reasons: we know what looks good on our bodies and choose to stick with that, or we're too darn busy/tired/distracted to care about fashion at the moment, or we're stuck in a school or job that demands a certain look.

Sometimes it can actually be a relief to have a uniform, a sort of signature look. Trends can come and go, but our unique take on fashion--something we love despite what designers demand we love--remains.

The most important thing when choosing a signature looks is to love it and own it. If you're not a pearl necklace kind of girl, don't start copying Coco Chanel (left). Wear orange--if you love it--even if everyone else is wearing black. Feel comfortable in your own clothes and really love what you're wearing, and you are always making the right style choice. Heck, you may even start a fashion trend.

You may want to choose a signature accessory: a certain style of earrings or necklaces, perhaps, or some sexy cat-eye glasses. Your accessory could be as broad as leather purses of all styles and colors or as narrow as pink shoes and only pink shoes. Of course, a signature look doesn't have to be about accessories. It could be a fabric (cashmere) or a color (green) or a style (pencil skirts), etc.

Whatever you do, choose something that highlights what is positive about you. If your eyes are your best feature, don't cover them up with sunglasses--wear chandelier earrings to draw attention to your exquisite peepers.

Feel free to borrow from style icons: pearl necklaces, little black dresses, oversized sunglasses, a classic trench. Just don't feel the need to get super skinny or to smoke. We all have our limits! And don't worry about wearing a name brand either.

The nice thing about a signature look is that you are still expressing your chic, creative point of view while your wardrobe is comfortable and easy-to-assemble. It makes shopping more simple, too. You already know what works for you and what to purchase.

Of course, don't be afraid to experiment. Be open to changing your look; after all, we all grow and mature. What worked for you five years ago may need some tweaking--or a complete overhaul--today.