Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fall is the Season for Colors

Las Fashionistas are more than just snazzy dressers. We're also here for your makeup needs, and since Labor Day is just around the corner, it's time to trade your bronzer for some sparkly fall colors. Below are some of the up and coming trends, but as usual, pick what works best on your face, and add some personality!

Cherry red lips have been talked about toward the end of the summer, so you know it's going to hit it big in the autumn. Las F favorites like It girl Gwen Stefani are lovers of the fiery red lip, and she really knows how to rock it. Fire engine red, however, is not for everyone. Some might do well with a pinker hue, while others might find better success with a browner shade. Whichever you choose, red is where it's at. You'll notice that Gwen has followed Makeup Rule #1: only one feature should stand out at a time. If she had been wearing a loud eye color as well, she'd have stood a good chance of looking like Mimi Bobek, but she went with a subtler eye, which not only tones down her look, but draws more attention to her lips. And as an added bonus, the red lipstick will make your teeth look whiter.

If you loved the smoky look of previous seasons, you'll be sad to know that it's no longer chic, but a subtler brown version hit the runways in style over the summer. Of course, I personally hate boring eyes, and plain brown can easily become librarian brown, so Las F recommend making your eyes pop a bit. Sharp black eyeliner (hold the smudger!) makes the grade this fall, or you might consider getting a little shimmer in your eyeshadow. The duo pictured at left, available at Estee Lauder, is a great example, and it's enough to qualify you for the bonus gift - a real steal. Not only do you get the makeup bag and matching tote, but your choice of lip gloss and matte, a mascara and two age fighters! Do yourself the favor and go to Macy's this weekend.

Finally, we arrive at cheeks. Previous autumns have required a barely-there cheek, but now we're looking at a sweeter side. A sandy pink, such as the one Keira is wearing (and how we do love her) gives her an adorable glow. Also, dewy skin is now out - clear, matte skin is the word on the street, so make sure you banish the sun damage from summer before you move on to fall. Of course, just because it's no longer sun season doesn't mean you can skip the sunscreen. Especially in winter, the sun reflecting off of natural surfaces can be just as damaging as a day at the beach. Instead of reaching for the Coppertone, find a moisturizer with built-in SPF, so it becomes a part of your daily routine. Now go out there and make fall's styles your own!