Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Must See TV

If you've never watched the Gilmore Girls, you've done yourself a disservice, especially since the previous season was their best ever by far. Now that the new season is beginning, you should be glued to the WB on Tuesday, September 13th at 8:00. Those of us who watch the show every week have a lot to look forward to, and the speculation is rampant.

When we last left the Girls, Rory had just come back from jail, thanks to her boyfriend, the incredibly dreamy Logan Huntsberger. They stole a yacht, just for fun, and Rory had been recommended by Logan's father, Mitchum Huntsberger, to pursue a career other than journalism. This has prompted Rory not to return to Yale for her junior year, much to her mother's discontent. Now living in her grandparents' poolhouse, Lorelai now only has one ally left: her longtime love Luke. As Luke paces back and forth, trying to decide how to get Rory back on track, Lorelai stuns the world and pops the question. Of course, Luke had just torn up the buyer's contract on the Twickham house, after finding out that Lorelai met with a business associate to discuss consulting on a number of worldwide hotels. Roll credits, let the waiting begin. This leaves us viewers hanging for a full four months, wondering if Rory and her mother will be speaking, and if Lorelai will be engaged (again).

As I see it, there are two possibilities for what will be going on when the first episode of the sixth season begins. The good people at the WB were kind enough to spill the beans that since the last episode ended with a question, the next would begin with an answer. If Luke says no, Lorelai will have to take at least a few days to get over the rejection, meaning she will be effectively estranged from everyone in her life. If Luke says yes, then he will have to go through the trouble of trying to get the Twickham house back, snatching it out of the grip of rival buyer Kirk. The two will start planning the wedding and not tell either her parents or Rory, widening the gap between the mother and daughter. Another opinion is that Lorelai was just saying something to shut Luke up, a trick he pulled during the first season, but I disagree with the idea. Back then, they were barely friends, but now there is so much more on the line now that a joke proposal wouldn't go down so easy.

Of course, no matter what Luke's answer is, the rift between Lorelai and her parents, Richard and Emily, can probably be considered permanent. While it was thoughtful of them to give Rory a shot at what she wanted to do, it was a stab in the back that they made the arrangements outside of Lorelai's presence or permission. Whether or not Rory should return to Yale is no longer the question, but rather it should be the parent's place to deal with her child. That breach of trust will be too much for Lorelai to ever go back, unless something astounding comes to light.

Either way, the tension is killling the faithful Gilmore Girls watchers! Be sure to tune in, and if you want to get caught up, you can rent the dvd's of previous seasons in your local video store. It's not necessary, though - it's easy to get caught up in the girls without knowing everything that came before. Jump in and give it a chance!